van仔 An American sneaker manufacturer in Anaheim

Reminiscent of the culture that drove the mid-century sportsman, the Vans Authentic Shoe has a sticky rubber outsole that is coupled with the Vulcanized bottom. What once was important as a deck shoe became indispensable to riding the deck of a skateboard. The cotton drill lining and die-cut EVA sole was inserted into the interior to provide comfort and style. This classic design shoe would become the first in a long line of characteristic good looks that has become the skate shoe of choice in Vans core market.
It has found its way onto California skateboards and streets. Thanks to its gummy bottom, the Vans Authentic skateboarding shoe creation rapidly became the shoe of choice for sidewalk surfers across California. Not only because of its skateboarder appeal but also because of its international charm as well.The extreme sport of skateboarding has embraced generations and crossed borders. Much of its appeal and Vans Shoes success can be attributed to it constant development and evolution in design and function.
Other innovative upgrades followed like "Duracap". This was added as an answer to Grip Tape, a gritty topical adherence tape used on skateboard surfaces. True-fit sock liners were inserted in the newer models of their shoes to assist in a more stable fit while maneuvering turns. Although it is clear that Vans skate shoes are popular among skateboarders, we cannot endorse any specific product; rather we can only assist in helping you make wise choices.
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An American sneaker manufacturer in Anaheim, California created the first in an active sporting line of shoes called Vans Authentic skate shoe. Once known as a company that specialized in deck or casual sporting shoes, the Van Doren Rubber Company soon morphed to become Vans Shoe, as a result of the success of Vans Authentic shoes. The company and its new line of street smart shoes soon became a global leader in performance footwear and extreme sporting accessories. The Vans Authentic Shoe was the first in Vans Core Classics line that built a loyal core following in California among skateboarders and the Hollywood casual. With this leisure lace up canvas upper shoe and the waffled rubber treaded bottoms. This footwear wrote the entire story.